Aloha District 49 Toastmasters!

Can you believe that it is March already and we are at the beginning of the next speech contests? The first Area contests on Oahu are this coming Saturday March 7, 2014. We will then have the Division contests in April with the conclusion of the speech contests at the Spring Conference in May. We should have fliers and registration forms ready and available at the Area contests and posted on line shortly.
We are still in the middle of the Talk-Up Toastmasters membership contest which ends on March 30, 2015. As a reminder any club that gets five new, dual, or reinstated members signed up during February and March, your club will get a ribbon for your club banner and a 10% discount code for the Toastmasters online store.
Our District is growing and I would like to welcome our newest club, the Waimea Toastmasters on the Big Island to our District 49 family. The club was helped to charter by members in the Hilo Toastmasters and Kona Toastmasters clubs. Our Lt. Governor of Marketing Caron Ling went over for the chartering ceremony in February where she presented the members with their charter certificates and club banner. We have other clubs in the pipeline and if you would like to help a new club form, please contact Caron Ling or Division Governor Kyle Nishioka to lend a hand.
The District Governor’s Challenge for this year are still in progress and will end at the beginning of April once the new membership period kicks in. As a reminder if you club earns Distinguished Club status or higher along with your membership payments in by April 1 2015, your club will get a $25, $50, or $75 gift certificate for the Toastmasters Store. The other part of the Challenge this year is if you club has a net gain of 10 members over the club base on July 1, 2014 and showing as paid on April 1 2015, your club will be able to get any one of a number of items for the club. It could be a new club banner, portable lectern, manual sets, etc. The District will work with each club that earns this challenge.
Are you looking to earn your Distinguished Toastmaster Award? If you are and you have not served as a District Officer yet, then you need to submit your name and application to our Immediate Past District Governor Robert Cravalho. He is the head of the Nominating Committee this year and is looking for some willing and able Toastmasters to take on the leadership challenge of being a District Officer.
We encourage all of our members to do their best and work to earn a communication award and a leadership award this year. Toastmasters International has the Revitalized Education Program in the works and we hope to be able to share more info with you in the next few months once it becomes available to us. With the new program rolling out you will have time to continue working on your current program if you want, but the new program is sure to be challenging and tailored to the member’s needs.
Aloha for now and I wish everyone good luck in attaining your Toastmaster goals this year..

Best Regards,


            Eliot DeRego, DTM
            District 49 Governor 2014-2015

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2014-2015 Distinguished District Program Goals

Distinguished criteria: 3% increase in membership and clubs; 40% of clubs Distinguished
Select Distingished criteria: 5% increase in membership and clubs; 45% of clubs Distinguished
President's Distingished criteria: 8% increase in membership and clubs; 50% of clubs Distinguished

Standard 2014 Base Current Progress Distinguished
District Goal
District Goal
District Goal
2624 1430 (52%) 2703 2756 2834
Clubs 64 66 66 clubs 68 clubs 70 clubs
31 0 26 Distinguished Clubs 29 Distinguished Clubs 32 Distinguished clubs
Goals met July 1, 2014 February 28, 2015 June 30, 2015 June 30, 2015 June 30, 2015

Percent of 2014-2015 year gone by: 66%


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